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Remember the last race repost when I said something about re-evaluating the hectic lifestyle and having more focus at the races? Well the start to this weekend was anything but. This was the only weekend on the calendar that I had an open Saturday and decided to book two clients that morning with original plans to head to New Jersey late that afternoon for a race on Sunday.


Somehow the plan changed into me working from 8-11, jumping in the car (all packed by Matt) and driving down to Plymouth where I would do a small local race as my pre-race bike ride before heading to New Jersey. We planned on an hour to get to the race, which would get me there at noon for a 1pm start. Cutting it close, but not impossible. We got rolling at about 11:15 and needed 45 min to get to Plymouth. We then sat in 45 minutes of traffic on route 93.


We thought it was impossible to make it in time, but rolled into the parking lot 20 minutes before the race start. I rushed to register and find my shoes, pin my number on, bathroom, bike ready and off to the start line. Now, I have never done a bike race or even a hard workout without a warm up and now I know why!

Day 1

Plymouth, MA


Off we went up the pavement and onto the grassy field. I was in the lead and hoping I would be able to get in the front and take it easy to settle in a bit. However, because I had not ridden the course before he start, I ended up going the wrong way at one point and having the women behind me catch up and tell me to turn around. I was able to get my momentum back and take the lead. I finally began to feel warmed up in the last lap and settled into the 1st place finish.

Day 2

Highland Park, NJ


After the hectic race on Saturday, we headed to New Jersey to stay with our friends in Highland Park. A cozy apartment and homemade pizza made for a relaxing night after a crazy day. Thanks Mark and Jenna!


The new HPCX course is one of my favorites with lots of climbing and some tight tricky corners. It had been raining all week and I was hoping for mud, but the gleaming morning sunlight let me know that there would be no mud again this weekend.


Off the start line 3 of us separated from the group and proceeded to try to work one another over by finding sections on the course to “make a move”. However, none of us were able to break away and we settled into a trio for the remainder of the race. In an effort to focus on the tactical aspects of racing, I had hoped to find a few sections to excel on the course and to really evaluate what my competitors were doing during the race. I was feeling strongest on the hills, but unable to completely shake my competitors. In the final corners, I was able to position myself to sprint for the finish. I ended up 2nd, but put up a stronger fight and felt better about beginning to see things unfold tactically during the race.




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